We are a Chilean company whose plant is located in the north of Chile and we are characterized by our commitment to the environment and our deep vocation of service.

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Proud of our essence

We are a Chilean industrial company located in the Mejillones commune, in the Antofagasta region with a staff of approximately 300 direct and indirect collaborators.

We have an installed processing capacity of 67 million pounds of Molybdenum per year and our products allow us to develop high-strength materials with multiple uses.

We are motivated to carry out our work with excellence, to be committed to the people of the organization and to be responsible with sustainability.

Sustainable by conviction

We reuse 100% of the water in our plants.

We achieve an efficiency in the recovery of Sulfur Dioxide higher than 98%, avoiding its emission into the atmosphere.

We take on the challenge of sustainability by generating circular economy initiatives, climate change, among others, and we have a human team highly committed to this task.

Our pillars

We are inspired by six essential principles:

  • We seek excellence in everything we do
  • We are sustainable by nature
  • We are moved by people
  • Our collaborators move us
  • Our environment moves us
  • We believe that innovation should inspire new products that improve people’s lives

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