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Concentrate cleaning process

The cleaning of concentrate that Molynor has consists of a process prior to roasting, with the entry of molybdenite with impurities that, through the use of leaching processes that deliver the clean molybdenite concentrate and the effluents, are raw materials for the process of obtaining copper cement and generating ferrous chloride. The process begins with the reception of molybdenite concentrate to later be classified and sent to a roasting oven where oxidation and desulfurization take place to obtain Technical Grade Molybdenum Trioxide.

The gases from the roasting process are first subjected to a dry cleaning that allows to recover the dragged dust and then, to a wet cleaning where the remaining dust is recovered and its humidity is adjusted, prior to entering the Sulfuric Acid plant. The latter allows the recovery of sulfur in the form of concentrated Sulfuric Acid, which is sent to storage for subsequent dispatch to our customers.

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