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We have a highly professional, trained and service-oriented team to respond to Molynor's challenges.

Leader profile

High ethical performance


Our Leaders play their role ethically, ensuring truth and honesty in their actions.

Responsible and competent


They are responsible and competent, and fully know the business, functions and impact of their areas on the result.

Committed to their role


They act as they would in their own company, ensuring the interests of all stakeholders.

They train and teach


They are open to giving and receiving information and listening with genuine interest.

They give the best of themselves


They have a sense of team in which each member is motivated and inspired to give their best.

Organizational culture


We recognize and value the different talents and capacities of our human team, we remove labels and prejudices and we are capable of integrating, learning and growing as a company.


We reinforce good treatment, the correct use of language, empathy and solidarity to show that we are inclusive and that we promote a safe work environment for people.


We promote diversity and overturn paradigms imposed by society by integrating different collaborators who contribute pluralistic visions that enrich our organizational culture.

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