About Us

We are a Chilean industrial company, a subsidiary of Molymet, located 65 kilometers north of the city of Antofagasta, specifically in the town of Mejillones.

We have an installed processing capacity of 67 million pounds of Molybdenum per year. Technical Grade Molybdenum Trioxide is the main product, from which Sulfuric Acid, Diluted Acid, Ferrous Chloride, Copper Cement and the Maquila Service are derived.

Our human team is made up of 221 collaborators hired directly and more than 100 indirectly, for a total of more than 300 who are permanent residents of the Antofagasta Region.


Create value for the evolution of humanity, through products developed by people, who think about the well-being of the planet.

Our inspiration


Essential pillar in everything we do. It not only defines our human team, but also the way we work.


It is the way of understanding our business, it is the way of looking at our environment and what sustains our future projection.


They are the essence of who we are and therefore the center of our work.


We investigate new ways of doing things to continue delivering solutions for people's daily lives.

We aim at creating value for each of the participants of the society we interact with

Our human team

That with their commitment and professionalism they make everything we do possible, and whose talent we strive to enhance.

Our clients

Long-term strategic partners, whom we seek to serve closely and efficiently.


In which we are inserted and of which we must be an active and committed part.

Our providers

Who support us to make our operations possible and with whom, regardless of their scale, we maintain fair and equitable treatment.

The authorities

Whose regulations we intend to overcome permanently and strictly, thus generating an environment of trust.

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