10 April 2021

Collaborators and Influencers Participate in Conversations on the Purpose of our Company

After completing the training phase for our influencers from subsidiaries in Chile and Mexico, this was followed by a next phase of talks regarding our new purpose, led by the influencers, who are responsible for promoting and instilling this new corporate declaration among their peers and collaborators.

One of these influencers is Barbara Lopez, Assistant to the Vice President of Commerce and Market Development, who tells us about her experience and the important role she plays. “It’s really nice to know and feel the trust they’ve placed in me by choosing me to be an influencer for the new purpose. It is a big responsibility, and I’m going to give it my all. I’m proud of this new role, and although I was nervous at first, my coworkers have made everything so much nicer.”

In these conversations, participants have been able to reflect on what it means to be a company with purpose, why companies need a purpose, and what is the role played by Molymet today as a leading company in its sector.

Many of the talk participants have learned more about how this new purpose came about, and have had the chance to express their opinions and points of view on the matter. In each hour-long conversation, the influencers guide participants and generate a highly interactive dynamic through videos that offer questions and space for reflection.

Mario Muñoz, Process Engineer for Molynor, shares with us his experience. “This activity gave me a more in-depth understanding of Molymet’s purpose (and that of Molynor, as part of the family), and I was able to see the impact our work has on the development of products and services that enable modern-day life, giving a broader meaning to the particular work I do. It made me understand that my work is really important for my peers within Molynor, and at the end of the chain, for the society we are immersed in.”

At MolymetNos, collaborators from different areas had a really nice conversation, where the influencers present the purpose of Molymet and its subsidiaries, and how it plays out in the day to day work we all do. Diego Aranda, Production Engineer, adds that, “the purpose promoted by the organization is really positive, and it shows its great commitment to sustainable development, with an emphasis on key pillars like environmental wellness and contribution to the development of humanity.”

Meanwhile, Barbara tells us about how she has worked with the purpose and her experience guiding these talks. “The conversation flowed really well, and we touched on important topics like the planet’s well-being and the ways in which Molymet contributes to it. There were questions, opinions, and responses from our coworkers that let us know that they really identify with the purpose. By the end of the talk, they were all appreciative because they understood more clearly their own role in all of this.”

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