10 April 2021

Molynor Closes out 2020 with Several Donations to the Community of Mejillonina

As part of the collaborative work with our communities, Molynor ended 2020 by making different donations during the month of December. These are important activities for our company, as they show that despite adversity, when there is a will, there is a way to support those most in need.

The donations made in the community of Mejillones were the following:

  1. Donation of Christmas Bags to the Mejillones City Government: The bags of candy were given to children around the community, along with the support of the Mejillones neighbor associations, upon registration with DIDECO. At this time, Molynor contributed a total of 363 Christmas bags, which were handed out from December 21st to 23rd.
  2. Donation of Christmas Bags to the Nueva Esperanza Settlement in Mejillones: The TECHO organization issued a call to collaborate with families living in the Nueva Esperanza Settlement in Mejillones. At this time, TECHO asked for support in celebrating Christmas Eve, and Molynor delivered 80 Christmas bags on December 24th.
  3. Donation of COVID-19 prevention supplies to the Aula Hospitalaria program in Mejillones: Molynor donated supplies to the Aula Hospitalaria program, which supports the education and integration of children with disabilities. The team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, and others, received the donation of COVID-19 prevention supplies, which hold vital importance to the work they do. The donations were delivered on December, and Molynor is the first company to support and show interest in assisting the development of Mejillones’ Aula Hospitalaria.
  4. Donation of COVID-19 prevention supplies to the San Sebastian Special School: This donation was made on December 29th and at the request by Academic Director at the San Sebastian Special School of Mejillones, which works with a total of 105 children aged 2 to 6 years old, with disabilities and language disorders. This school is the only comprehensive preschool education alternative in the community, so donations of COVID-19 prevention supplies are extremely important.

  5. Donation of COVID-19 prevention supplies to the Mejillones Association of Bedridden and Disabled Individuals: Finally, like in the case of Aula Hospitalaria, coronavirus prevention supplies were delivered to the Mejillones Association of Bedridden and Disabled Individuals, made up of 14 families.

Enrique Orellana, Molynor Sustainability Engineer, tells us about the importance of the company’s presence and support for these initiatives. “For us in the Environment and Community Sustainability area, these small gestures of support to the community are great opportunities to generate and reinforce our ties with them, as well as opportunities for collaboration. As I always say, small actions can achieve big things. We are happy to have been able to offer support with all of these donations.”

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