10 April 2021

Molynor Celebrates Christmas at Home

Due to the health crisis, this year we were unable to hold our traditional Christmas party, but the Quality of Life area wanted collaborators to still celebrate with their families and had a NAVIBOX delivered to everyone.

The NAVIBOX is a box with gifts for both the collaborators and their children, to share as a family. From traditional Christmas sweets to the materials needed for online Christmas workshops, where boys and girls can decorate Christmas cookies and paint ornaments.

Barbara Gonzalez, Laboratory Development Analyst, shares with us her experience receiving the NAVIBOX. “I thought it lovely. As parents, there is nothing that makes us happier than to see our children happy, and gestures like this one bring joy that we can share with the entire family. Despite the health crisis, we were expecting some type of activity, but nothing like this. I think we have all been forced to get creative to learn how to keep fulfilling our role as best we can, and the personnel area has really done a great job in such a difficult time. I really appreciate it.”

Likewise, SX MO-RE Plant Operator, Hugo Roblero, thought it was an excellent initiative, to provide encouragement in these difficult times. “Thanks to the people from Personnel. I’ve noticed that there has been a lot of concern from their part throughout the pandemic.”

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